This flexible 4K OLED TV with HDMI 2.1 is “unfortunately awesome”

The Skyworth W82 4K OLED TV with flexible display comes with the best equipment
The Skyworth W82 4K OLED TV with flexible display comes with the best equipment

The Skyworth W82 4K OLED TV with 65 inches has a flexible / bendable display. The “unfortunately awesome” factor, however, results from the countless other features of the W82.

Bendable or flexible OLED televisions were already an issue in 2014/2015, but disappeared again in the following years. The advantage that the curved display should deliver (at least in the home theater segment) could not be fully understood by the customer. In any case, the “curved hype” has actually ended – we thought. With the W82 65-inch 4K OLED TV from the Chinese manufacturer Skyworth (is the parent company behind the Metz brand), the flexible or pliable TV display rises again from its shallow grave.

The Skyworth W82 has an OLED display with 4K resolution in 65 inches (165 cm). This is also the only size for this “exceptional TV”. Skyworth announced at its press event that the TV will go on sale in China as early as May 2021. The price of 29,999 RMB (around 3,900 euros) is actually quite “cheap” for the features of the W82.

Skyworth W82 4K OLED TV with flexible display

The 4K OLED does not just plug in at the push of a button curved display with a 1000R radius transform, but has a lot more technical “gadgets”. Among other things, a 240Hz interpolation of native 4K @ 120Hz signals (240Hz Crystal Motion OLED) without loss of brightness, which should be particularly effective in video games. The W82 is with the 4K @ 120Hz display, HDMI 2.1 (VRR & ALLM) as well as the curved display make an optimal gaming machine. The input lag should be an optimal 10ms. Then there is the Skyworth EyeCare technology, which actually has little to do with an eye-friendly image rather than with a pleasant image display. An integrated ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness, contrast and color representation to the surroundings.

Perfect color display thanks to the 3D Lut function

This is joined by HDR standards such as Dolby Vision and HDR10, as well as fine-tuning via the integrated 3D-Lut function, which is supposed to push the incorrect color display to Delta E 0.98 – i.e. no longer visible to the human eye. On top of that, there are countless AI-supported functions that are supposed to improve the image quality, including faces and backgrounds by comparing a scenario database. The AI ​​HDR Boost also allegedly delivers twice the peak brightness by analyzing the image material in real time.

The communicated factsheet also reads like a dream. Contrast of 10,000,000: 1, a maximum of 1,000 nits brightness, 10-bit color depth, 1ms response time, a wide viewing angle of 178 ° and 99% DCI-P3 color space. What remains of the information, however, is only shown later in independent test scenarios.

WiFi 6 and newer MediaTek S900 AI processor

Skyworth also relies on the industry standard for audio playback. A Dolby Atmos processing and output via the 2.1 sound system with the powerful 40 watt dual subwoofer (creates low frequencies up to 50Hz) should already deliver an impressive soundscape ex works. The Q82 4K OLED TV is also WiFi 6 certified and thus achieves data rates of up to 9.6 Gbit / s (up to 2.7 times the speed of the WiFi 5 standard). All of this is made possible by the MediaTek S900 processor, the new TV flagship, which was already used in the popular Sony XH90 4K TV under the name MT5895.

Attractive design + 12MP camera

Even with the design of the Skyworth Q82 4K OLED TV there is nothing to complain about. The display has an infinitesimally small display frame (screen-to-body ratio 99.22%), is made of aluminum and the “herringbone folding mechanism” is said to have been coordinated to one hundredth of a millimeter.

There is a bit of “surveillance” with the integrated one 12MP TrensAI Eye camerawhich can be moved out of the housing on request and can use the pan, tilt and zoom functions to take portrait photos, for example. Users can also use the camera (via app) to check that everything is going well at home. Hopefully, with the 24/7 voice assistant and the connection to IoT devices in the household, the privacy of the user is still preserved.

Confirmation for Germany is still pending

Even if you consider the flexible OLED display as a gimmick (although LG is also working on flexible OLED displays for the monitor segment), the Skyworth W82 is more defined in our eyes by its additional features. Unfortunately, the model has so far only been announced for the Chinese market and the USA. A release in Europe or Germany, e.g. via the Metz brand, is certainly not entirely unrealistic.

Skyworth W82 4K OLED TV:

  • Bendable / Flexible OBM OLED Display (1000R)
  • 65 inches (165 cm)
  • 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
  • 120Hz (240Hz Crystal Motion OLED)
  • 120Hz MEMC
  • 10-bit color depth
  • 10,000,000: 1 contrast
  • 99% DCI-P3 color space
  • 1ms response time of the display
  • 9ms input lag
  • 178 ° viewing angle
  • HDR10 & Dolby Vision HDR
  • Dynamic HDR adjustment (increased peak brightness)
  • HDMI 2.1 with VRR & ALLM
  • 3D Lut integration
  • Dolby Atmos encoding
  • 2.1 sound system
  • Skyworth Audio Drum (dual subwoofer 40 watts)
  • WiFi 6 (up to 9.6 Gbit / s)
  • MediaTek S900 chipset
  • Movable 12MP AI camera with zoom

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