This gadget warns if you do not keep to the 1.5 meter distance

Estimating a meter and a half is not always easy. According to entrepreneur Floris Wilmink, we can therefore make good use of a resource. “When you just enter a room, you often keep a distance. But the longer you are together, the closer you come back together,” he tells Editie NL.


That is why Wilmink developed the CovidAlarm together with two other entrepreneurs. There will be a beep if the distance between them is too small. “It is a tool that alerts people when they get too close. The nice thing is that you don’t have to speak to people. We sometimes find that uncomfortable.”

The sound the CovidAlarm makes is very loud. “Yes, it is quite annoying,” says Wilmink. “But that’s the essence. It has to be some kind of ‘punishment’. The alarm doesn’t stop beeping until you distance yourself.”

Both a cupboard

The alarm only works if both people carry the alarm – a kind of box. “If you wear one and not the other, it makes no sense. So it is especially useful in companies or buildings where everyone has one. For example, in warehouses or nursing homes. You can receive regular visits at those homes.”

There are now about 2000 requests for the cabinets. They will go on sale from Monday.

More gadgets

The CovidAlarm is not the only gadgets in this category. “There are several other examples to be mentioned,” tech journalist Merijn Doggen from Bright told Edition NL. “For example, for the staff in the luggage department at airports, a box has been developed that you can stick on your shoulder. That thing will squeak and discolour if you are too close.”

According to Doggen, it is difficult to develop a gadget that is applicable to everyone. “The only companies that can realize that are Google and Apple, for example via an app, or by incorporating it into the operating system. Because 93 percent of the Dutch have a phone with them. But people have to download or approve it all. “

He continues: “Or the government should decide that everyone should buy a device, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.”


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