This golden Tesla Model S will not go unnoticed

Specializing in the personalization of electronic products, Caviar examines the case of the Tesla Model S, which is dressed in 24 carat gold.

The world of Tesla preparation is still reserved for a handful of specialized entities, like Unplugged Performance. On the other hand, that of tuning (nuance) attracts many more people. The latest is none other than Caviar, which is attacking, that’s the word, the Tesla Model S.

Rather accustomed to flashy customizations based on gold plating on mobile phones, watches, consoles or even electronic cigarettes, the Russian company is now unveiling the Tesla Model Excellence 24K.

Only 99 copies for the Model S of your dreams

Dressed in a black livery, the American sedan is adorned with numerous elements covered with 24-carat gold plating on all four corners: the shields, the sills, the door handles or the wheels are dripping with gold. Useless ventilation grilles and side vents have also been added.

According to the tuner, the Excellence 24K will be based on a Tesla Model S Plaid +, the high-end version of the sedan with 1,200 hp. Caviar is planning a limited edition of 99 copies, at a unit price of $ 300,000, or nearly € 250,000!


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