This haemorrhage of public money that benefits foreign motorists

From the start of government aid for the purchase of electric cars, a lucrative overseas resale system was organized. Adding a minimum delay and mileage has probably not been enough to remove the phenomenon.

Sometimes more than 15,000 euros in aid

Very committed to the world of electric mobility, it is however as a citizen that Stéphane Semeria denounces a problem that he regularly receives echoes of: people, individuals or professionals, regardless, ” are masters in the art of relatively quickly reselling new electric cars abroad with state aid and sometimes from public authorities, making a substantial profit in the process “.

It develops : ” Today the government bonus is 6,000 euros, to which can be added up to 5,000 euros for the conversion bonus. The purchase price of an electric car or utility is thus lowered by 11,000 euros. Some communities also grant subsidies ultimately reducing the bill by more than 15,000 euros accumulated “.

Trucks for Eastern Europe?

Trucks arrive from overseas to transport cars that are only a few months old to countries that grant little or no advantages to the purchase of an electric vehicle. I find this practice appalling. Opportunistic people who engage in this business buy inexpensively at the same time old diesel which will allow them to benefit from the conversion bonus 1 year later », Reveals Stéphane Semeria.

The truck pictured was from Estonia. This does not necessarily mean that electric cars recently purchased new in France, and that it carries, are necessarily destined for this country », He moderates.

I had fun doing a little simulation. Without going so far as to allocate the maximum aid for the 8 EVs loaded, I ended up with a little more than 70,000 euros of aid which crosses the border with impunity, and therefore from the pocket of French citizens to those of foreign electric motorists », He laments.

Millions of euros that go out every year?

For me, this business is worth millions of euros, charter after charter. A nice gift from France to the rest of the world! », Says Stéphane Semeria.

Today, an electric car bought new in France with the government bonus and the conversion bonus can be resold, including abroad, after 6 months and 6,000 km driven at least. However, local authorities generally impose longer deadlines. », He reports.

These conditions should be increased. For example, a minimum of 2 years and 20,000 km for a resale in France, and maybe 5 years if the transaction is made as part of an export. Unless the vehicle is reserved for the use of a fellow citizen living abroad. In any case, as today, early resale would not be prohibited, but would give rise to reimbursement of the aid received. We cannot block the European market, but it is desirable that the aid from the French state benefits its fellow citizens in the long term », He suggests.

A judge of the Court of Auditors arrested

Not knowing whether this practice is known to the French state, I questioned a judge of the Court of Auditors twice on the subject last October. And this, by indicating that this business is operated through companies or people who play, as in the financial markets, on price differences. I did not receive any answer. And not the organizations that deal with electric mobility and that I have also contacted », Indicates Stéphane Semeria.

Pollution has no borders. Perhaps it is appropriate to rejoice in these exports of financial aid outside of France. But I can not help but compare it with the real difficulties experienced by federations and associations of electric vehicle users in obtaining the necessary financial means for their actions to promote sustainable mobility. », He opposes.

Quantify the damage

For me, the Court of Auditors is the control mechanism, at the highest level of the State, of national expenditure and its effectiveness. I would like her to seize on the problem in order to quantify the harm, if she feels that there is harm. This would already allow me to make sure that I have good reason to worry about this situation and to confirm or not the extent that I attribute to it. “, Hopes Stéphane Semeria.

The costing of financial escape should be possible from the registration file. Its consultation should even reveal the name of any predatory companies. », He adds.

From there, effective measures could be put in place so that the government bonus, the conversion bonus, and community aid can best benefit the development of electric mobility in France. », He sees.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Stéphane Semeria very much for choosing to communicate here on this subject which is close to his heart.

Author’s opinion

It is difficult not to compare this escape of aid for the purchase of electric vehicles with the case of the owner of a plug-in hybrid Audi sued for theft by the courts after being connected 3 times to a terminal installed for street vendors .

For the latter a loss of 3 euros for which he is threatened with heavy penalties. On the other hand, an opportunity trade which does not seem illegal in view of the texts in force, but which undoubtedly weighs several million euros on the budget of the French state. How should we qualify this?

In addition to issuing an alert, our interviewee Stéphane Semeria would like to hear the opinions of Automobile Propre readers on his calculations and doubts about the early export of electric cars sold as new recently.

So bombard the comments, as my colleague Hugo would have suggested!


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