This holiday home is a true paradise for you and your dog | To travel

You have to travel a long way (and wait until the corona pandemic is under control), but then you have something!

In the town of Cottonwood, Idaho, Frances and Dennis run their b & b Dog Bark Park Inn. A holiday home in the shape of a Beagle where your dog is of course also welcome.

The cottage is really meant for the dog lovers. Everywhere you look in the house, you will find the dog theme: in the accessories such as the pillows and above the bed, but also in the puzzles, games and books.

Everything has been thought of, because the house is not only intended to give people a nice holiday, but also the dogs. For example, you can order a special dog breakfast for the dog and there is plenty of space outside on the property for your four-legged friend to run free.

To be fair: Cottonwood is not the most vibrant town in the world, but you can take nice walks (with your dog).


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