This hydrogen car should cost only 15,000 euros

It’s easy and safe, full of good ideas – and it runs on hydrogenWhat it is especially for electric car critics (on the pros and cons of electric cars) Hopefuls do that Safe Light Regional Vehicle (SLRV).
That German Aerospace Center (DLR) showed the prototype of the 3.80 meter long and extremely flat at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich Lightweight two-seaterwho wants to combine climate protection and mobility in road traffic. And the – read and be amazed – for only 15,000 euros could be had. A car of the future?

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As a member of the light Vehicle class L7e the SLRV could one day join the ranks of the small city runabouts that are currently conquering large German cities with electric drives. Its secret lies in a metallic one Sandwich construction with top layers aluminum or stole and one Plastic foam internally. That’s how she weighs body only around 90 kilograms, the entire vehicle comes to a weight of just once 500 kilos. The front and rear of the Safe Light Regional Vehicle are off Sandwich plates composed and serve as crash zones. The passenger compartment is from one attached ring structure surround. This absorbs the forces that act on the car while driving and protects the occupants in the event of a crash.
Safe Light Regional Vehicle - DLR hydrogen car

The fuel cell drive sits at the front of the Safe Light Regional Vehicle.

And the drive? There’s one in the front of the vehicle Fuel cell with a rather poor performance of 8.5 kilowatts. But there is also one at the back Backup battery with 25 kW Performance that helps with 45 hp up to 120 kilometers per hour to accelerate. At a Storage volume from 1.6 kilowatt hours and one Pressure tank for 1.6 kilograms of hydrogen the scientists advise up to 400 kilometers Drive in one go, but at an average speed of 80 km / h. A range that makes the Safe Light Regional Vehicle more of a solution for urban commuters as one for travelers, but which is far above that of a Smart fortwo (145 km) or even a Renault Twizy (100 km). According to its inventors, the two-seater is also conceivable as a feeder in local public transport or as a car sharing vehicle.

Safe Light Regional Vehicle - DLR hydrogen car

The DLR researchers describe the SLRV as a resource-saving commuter vehicle, but it is also sufficient for a trip into the countryside.

But whether the intelligent lightweight vehicle of aerospace researchers ever Series production will achieve is extreme questionable. The obstacles are still too big (low efficiency, source of electricity for production, transport and storage difficult), which are opposed to the use of hydrogen in private cars (there is an analysis on the subject here). For this reason, scientists also think about one SLRV variant with a pure one Electric drive after. “We are open to technology,” said a DLR spokesman for AUTO BILD.

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