this incredible video of a young man falling asleep at the wheel

He falls asleep thanks to the Tesla Model 3 Autopilot

An American took advantage of the Autopilot of his Tesla Model 3 to pretend to be asleep and create a buzz. Installed at the wheel with a cover, he let go of the wheel to show that the autonomous system was effective.

While Tesla has completely revised the interior of the new Tesla Model S for its 8th anniversary and the brand surprised again last week with the drop in the price of the Tesla Model 3, some users prefer to innovate in their own way by trying twists and turns with the automatic pilot system.

You’re here recommends however to keep your hands on the wheel in all circumstances in your cars. In fact, the Autopilot is a driving aid, but not at all a 100% autonomous system. The firm of Elon Musk y works, but this is Full Self Driving, still in beta. It is only when it is completed that the Tesla will be able to sail fully autonomously.

The Tesla Autopilot is not an autonomous system

This is not the first time that technological advances in You’re here are overestimated. Elon Musk had also declared that the Autopilot could “Almost everything”, causing this confusion. And it seems the automaker’s warnings aren’t enough to deter the more daring.

Released a few weeks ago, the video has totaled 285,000 views on YouTube and has also been very popular on TikTok. In it, the one who improvises himself as an influencer first installs a pillow and a plaid in front of the steering wheel. Subsequently, we see him leave his driving position and go to the back. We discover the folded back seat and in the trunk, the installation of a makeshift bed.

The video therefore shows the Tesla Model 3 spinning at just over 100 km / h, without a driver on board. The sequence is cut in its length, but one can imagine that it covered several kilometers in this situation.

A new bad buzz for the Tesla Model 3 Autopilot

In the description of his video on YouTube, the videographer explains that it was shot “By professionals on a closed circuit”. Everything is obviously false, since it is not about a pilot, and the road is open. It is very easily verifiable in the sight of the cars that the Tesla Model 3 double on other lanes.

Like the new Tesla Model S and the new Tesla Model X, the Model 3 has Full Self Driving as an option. But the Autopilot is enough to do what it does in this video. And in any case, such behavior is totally discouraged. TikTok even rated his video as being able to “Cause serious injury”.

This is not the first time that a bad buzz has surfaced on social networks around Autopilot. A Canadian was spotted sleeping while driving at 140 km / h last year. Three years ago, another motorist, a Londoner this time, was driving his car from the passenger seat.


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