This is how billionaire children squander their parents’ wealth

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Children of billionaires have access to a world that many people cannot even dream of.

Some of them use their parents’ fortune to pursue their passions. Both Jennifer Gates, the daughter of Bill Gates, and Eve Jobs, the daughter of Steve Jobs, spend a lot of money on their schooling – both went to Stanford – and on participating in riding competitions.

Richard Branson’s daughter, Holly Branson, comes after her father. She also loves spending her money on experiences and adventures rather than material things.

Others, however, use their wealth a little more wastefully and go on vacation around the world. They explore the world’s oceans on yachts, equip their wardrobes with designer clothes and are guests at many parties. Tiffany Trump and Alexa Dell both have a penchant for fashion and travel. On the other hand, Larry Ellison’s son, David Ellison, loves to move in style, for example by jet or snowboard.

Here you can see what the children of billionaires prefer to spend their money on.

These photos show how billionaires ‘children spend their parents’ fortunes

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