This is how Elon Musk’s mother raised her successful children

Maye Musk with her children Tosca, Elon and Kimbal.

Maye Musk with her children Tosca, Elon and Kimbal.

Maye Musk

Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother, has looked after her three children on her own after divorcing her abusive husband. The single mother still managed to build her own business and model career – despite many setbacks. In her book “A Woman Makes a Plan”, which was published in December 2019, she describes how she successfully managed her children and career.

In an interview with Sara Silverstein from, she shares the lessons of her book and plans that have been thrown overboard. According to her, no one should get too clinging to a plan because it may force yourself to remain in unhappy situations. Despite all resistance, you should rather look for new and perhaps unconventional paths for your career and your life in these situations.

At 22, Maye Musk opened her own practice as a nutritionist. Since she was already a mother, she worked from home. After they got rid of their unhappy marriage, she moved to New York with the children and tried to fulfill her dream of a modeling career by hiring a very large modeling agency.

At 69 years old, the oldest cover girl in history

Although she was repeatedly told that she was not good enough and that there were a lot of arguments with the agency, after a while she managed to get orders from modeling agencies in the New York area and even in Europe. And although her confidence has fluctuated not infrequently during this time, she knew that she was able to fight for herself. At the age of 69, she made another career leap: She became the face of a make-up brand – and thus the oldest cover girl in history.

In her opinion, we need more age diversity everywhere in the media. In contrast to men, women are more and more overlooked and repressed as they get older. Musk believes that at least 50 percent of bosses and 50 percent of presidents should be women. Not only because the world would be kinder and gentler, but also because the best person should be able to get the job. It’s time for change, she says.

There have been many changes in her life and “it was always scary”. Musk says she kept jumping into the deep end and kept swimming until she came to the surface. The life changes she went through ultimately led to an improvement in her situation every time. Musk himself had to be quite independent as a child and help her parents a lot. In the same way, their three children had to do their homework independently and help out. But she also made it possible for each of her children to follow their passions. They all went in different directions – and each became successful in its own way.

At the age of twelve, their children already knew which direction they should go. Elon and his brother Kimbal later both studied economics. After that, Elon was drawn to physics. Tosca studied film. They all looked after their own grants and loans and managed to endure themselves early on. According to Musk, however, her greatest gift to her children is that she taught them to always be respectful and considerate of others and to do good. Today they are all doing just that.

You can read the full interview with Maye Musk here.



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