This is how it plays on the Playstation 5


Console gamers around the world are looking forward to the imminent release date of the Playstation 5 on November 19th this year – sometimes more, sometimes less – with optimism. Because while a small minority was able to secure one of the coveted pre-orders, the majority looks into the tube. Even the most hopeful fans are slowly becoming certain: If you still haven’t managed to secure a pre-order, you won’t be holding a PS5 in your hands on the day of release. Will not be able to enjoy being one of the first players to get the console out of the box, hold the controller in their hands and watch launch titles like “Demon’s Souls”, “Astro’s Playroom”, “Godfall” and “Spider Man:” Miles Morales ”.

And even those who were able to secure a pre-order update their e-mail inboxes every minute – because terrible news of canceled pre-orders are making the rounds. Retailers and online retailers also admit that they have sometimes accepted too many orders and therefore have to cancel.

Although there are still five weeks until the release date of the eagerly awaited console, Japanese Youtubers were able to catch a glimpse of the PS5 and subject it to small practical tests.

The blogger HikakinGames demonstrates game scenes from a series of launch titles for Playstation 5 in 31 minutes and 23 seconds. “Astro’s Playroom”, “Godfall” and “Devil May Cry 5” are there.

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