This is how it works: Use the signal for notes – easier than with Whatsapp

Quickly write something down before you forget it again? No problem with Signal! Messenger replaces a note-taking app at any time. That’s how it’s done.

The most recent failure of Whatsapp obviously caused many users to search for alternatives to the popular messenger in panic. If you have now installed Messenger Signal, the following tip may help you.

You can use the Messenger Signal as a note-taking app at any time. That’s how easy it is:

Step 1

Open the Signal app on your smartphone or desktop and enter “note” in the search field. Signal will then already show you “Note to me”. Click or tap on this entry.

Write a note on your smartphone.

step 2

You can now send yourself a message which, like all messages, will then be displayed in the overview list. So you have saved this entry like on a sticky note. Of course, this is particularly clear in Signal on the desktop.

Delete notes on the desktop.

As with all signal messages, you can also send yourself animations, pictures, stickers, voice recordings and files. “Note to me” is a comprehensive note with which you can not only record your flashes of thought and create to-do lists, but also save photos, files or links. You can even send self-erasing messages to yourself. However, you cannot send yourself a photo that can only be viewed once. This function is not available for “Note to me”.

You can also use disappearing messages as a note. Here is the desktop view.


You can also use disappearing messages as a note. Here is the desktop view.

Delete the note again

When you no longer need a note, delete it just as easily as any other message. So swipe the message to the left on the smartphone and then select “delete”. You can also archive the note.

The note paper at Signal on the desktop.

In Signal on the desktop, you proceed a little differently: In the large window, click with the mouse pointer on the three dots next to the specific message and then select the appropriate delete function.

Create a note on your smartphone.

If you want to use Whatsapp as a note-taking app, this is more cumbersome. But it still works with our instructions.

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