This is how the current frontrunner of the RTL Z Beursspel invests

For days, Theo has been able to leave the more than 12,000 other investors far behind and his return is growing by the day. What is his strategy? ‘I play on the peaks of Volkswagen. First I drop the price, drop, drop. The moment I see that the price is shooting up, I buy again.’

Investment expert Jim Tehupuring thinks Theo is playing a very smart game. Would he also advise if you invest with real money and therefore run a financial risk? You see it here.

Last-minute registration for the RTL Z Beursspel or open an investment portfolio to practice with? Click here.

Registration and participation is possible during the entire playing period from Monday 1 November to Friday 10 December. After the RTL Z Beursspel your portfolio remains accessible, so that you can continue to practice investing after that time.

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