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This is how the penultimate episode of Wie is de Mol?

The latest season of Who is the mole? is almost over. Last night, the penultimate episode went live and, spoiler alert, fans saw Charlotte Nijs revealed as the losing finalist.

That means that former football star Roxanne ‘Rocky’ Hehakaija or actress Renée Fokker is the mole. Splinter Chabot had to leave the game just before the final, which means that for the first time since 2012, there are only women in the final. In that year Anne-Marie Jung was the mole, Hadewych Minis the winner and Liesbeth Staats the losing finalist.

Millions of viewers

You could Who is the mole? count on millions of viewers again. The season opening in early January attracted more than three million viewers, the most watched opening ever. Also last night, more than three million people saw the small revelation.

Yesterday we saw how the three finalists carried out the last assignments in the Czech Republic. For example, they had to enter a mine and they were busy with scooters and mountain bikes.

“Are you the mole?”

The three women also had a good conversation: they sat at dinner and asked each other if they were the mole. The ‘real’ would of course never say ‘yes, that’s me’, so we didn’t get more than speculation and questioning looks.

At the end of the broadcast, Presenter Rik van de Westerlaken addressed the three participants personally, before they had to take the final test. That final test consists of forty questions about the mole’s behavior and identity. The result of this determines who is the winner of the popular program. And although we won’t really know who the mole is until next week, fans are already trying to guess:

The three finalists also have ideas about who the mole is, of course. That’s how Charlotte and Rocky think Renéé is. He likes it Rocky. This became apparent when the women were taking the test. It was Rik who lifted a corner of the veil at the end. He announced that Charlotte is neither the mole nor the winner of the game.

The final results will be announced next week, according to presenter Rik van de Westelaken. But since Charlotte thought Renéé is the mole, and Charlotte lost… Does that make Rocky the mole?

Last episode of Wie is de Mol? Looking back? You can do that here.

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This is how the penultimate episode of Wie is de Mol?


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