This is how the smartphone gets through the winter safely

Wet and icy temperatures affect your smartphone. We give tips on how to get your iPhone and Android smartphone safely through the winter.

Problem: battery life

The cold makes the battery difficult to cope with, it doesn’t last that long on a single charge. Standby and talk times are reduced. The colder a battery gets, the less capacity it still has.

Try to avoid cooling down or at least to slow it down by carrying the smartphone close to your body, for example in the inside pockets of your coat and jacket – and not in the outside pockets of your coat or jacket. Alternatively, handbags or backpacks are also suitable – if they are warm and waterproof. When skiing or tobogganing, a waterproof and shockproof cover is also recommended. We have put together recommended covers:

Do not leave your smartphone in the parked car. It cools down completely there. This risk arises especially if you have placed the smartphone deep in the center console in a Qi charging recess in order to charge it wirelessly.

Take into account the shortened battery life and keep an eye on the charging bar of your smartphone more often. Use the opportunity to recharge more often. Before charging the battery, however, you should always wait until the mobile phone has adapted to the room temperature. Therefore, warm up your cell phone slowly to room temperature before charging the battery.

Difficult screen operation

The screen also suffers. It is no longer so easy to use. Most people wear gloves in winter – this makes the use of smartphones particularly difficult. Because the touchscreen screens cannot be operated with conventional gloves. The touchscreens do not react to mechanical pressure, but to changes in a weak electrical field on their surface. However, these are only triggered by electrically conductive objects. Fingers are one of them, but textile fibers are not. This is remedied by special gloves with conductive fibers woven into the fingertips. You can find this in stores under the name

“Screen Gloves” or “Touchscreen Gloves”.

Danger from slipperiness

It sounds banal, but it is a specific problem in winter: faster than you think, you slipped on a smooth sidewalk and your smartphone landed on the hard concrete. If this worst case occurs, you should never try to attempt repairs on your own. Because when in doubt, existing damage is only made worse. Therefore, it is always better to consult an expert.

Wetness in the housing

If moisture penetrates the electronic companion, for example from melting snow, there is a risk of total failure. If you notice that moisture is penetrating or has penetrated, switch off the smartphone immediately and let it warm up and dry out in peace. Remove the battery, if possible, and expose the device to normal room temperature with the battery compartment open.

But be careful: Do not try to speed up the warm-up by placing it on a radiator or heating it with a hair dryer. This does more harm than good because many electronic components are very sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature

There is also a risk of abrupt temperature changes. Condensation can form in the device and damage the electronics. Return to the warm apartment or ski hut with a cold cell phone, then ideally give him half an hour to slowly get used to the plus degrees. If in doubt, it is advisable to switch the device off and only start it up again when it is completely warmed up.

Extra tip:

In devices with hard drives – such as notebooks – the condensation can cause short circuits that lead to head crashes. Therefore, even a notebook that has cooled down should not be put into operation immediately in a warm room. Here, too, it is better to plan a certain acclimatization time so that any condensation can evaporate again.

Making calls despite the cold

With a suitable headset and automatic call acceptance, you can leave the phone in your pocket and don’t have to take it out of your winter clothes for every call. This method is particularly suitable for visiting the Christmas market when you have your hands full with mulled wine cups and Christmas stollen anyway.

PC-WELT developed the tips together with Vodafone expert Christian Meyer and the recovery company Kroll Ontrack GmbH.

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