This is how the workshop portal Repareo works

The family car needs an inspection? Are the brakes worn out on the second car? The stone chip in the pane urgently needs to be repaired? If a workshop appointment needs to be made, the driver is almost always on his own. He has to filter out the decision himself as to which workshop has free appointments, offers low prices and delivers decent work. Especially since long waiting times and rising prices are to be expected in the future due to inflation, the chip crisis and the Ukraine war.

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The workshop portal Repareo offers a useful decision-making aid when choosing the right workshop close to where you live. On the Internet portal, the customer can plan an online appointment calendar from his home computer. He finds out which workshop has free appointments nearby and can reserve them directly online.

The digitization of the workshop booking also enables an online price calculation for certain services in advance. In this way, the performance of the different workshops can be compared. There is also information on how prices are developing, which repairs are particularly expensive and where money can be saved.

Even before contacting the workshop, the manufacturer-based calculation helps to find out exactly what needs to be done during the next inspection. For example, the car owner receives information about the amount of engine oil that is required or precise information about when the timing belt needs to be changed. This creates transparency even before the workshop visit.

In the online comparison, the customer also very often learns about promotions of the respective workshops – such as brake change weeks or free advance checks for the HU / AU demonstration. Often not only the price of a repair is decisive for the selection of the right workshop, but also an early appointment, special offers – such as a pick-up and delivery service – or the positive reviews from other users.

This is how the online booking of a workshop appointment works

1. Select the desired workshop service on the Repareo website ( and enter the postal code of the place of residence in the vicinity of which the workshop is required. If you don’t even know what needs to be done on the car, simply select “Appointment” from the services.

2. Specify the vehicle model concerned via the model selection or by entering the HSN/TSN number. This is important for the price calculation. The same applies to the selection of the region according to which the prices are to be calculated, since workshop rates can differ significantly from one region to another.

3. Enter your email address to get an overview of the possible workshops with a cost comparison and available dates. The overview is visible on the website after entering the e-mail, but the customer receives further details on the price calculation with information about what is done (manufacturer specifications) by e-mail. The overview of the available workshops can be filtered according to independent workshops and authorized workshops.

4. Select workshop and book an appointment. Cancellation is still possible later and no advance payment has to be made.

Overview of workshops with free dates on the website For specifically selected services, there is a cost estimate directly.

Frequently asked questions about Repareo

What are the advantages of booking workshop appointments online?


No phone calls are necessary to reserve a workshop appointment, the online booking takes place on your home computer. An advantage that should not be underestimated is the possibility of being able to make a direct comparison of different repair shops. Since many workshops are currently fully booked, the car owner can see which workshops have free appointments. As a special service, Repareo offers an online price calculation for certain services in advance.

Which workshops are available?


Repareo says it has 31,000 workshops throughout Germany in its directory.

What work can be calculated in advance?


Not all repair orders can be precisely calculated before visiting the workshop. However, where there are clear time limits and a clearly quantifiable amount of work, the costs can be calculated in advance. Real-time price calculation is currently possible for the following services: inspection, toothed belt change, brake change and oil change.

How much does the Repareo service cost me?


The use of the workshop portal is free of charge for the customer. Repareo receives a commission from the workshops for arranging an appointment.

How does the car get to the workshop?


If you don’t want to drive your car to the workshop yourself, or if the vehicle is no longer roadworthy, some Repareo partner companies offer a pick-up and delivery service.

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