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This is how Valentine’s Day (online) becomes fun, part 2: video dating and music

It’s February 14, so we ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day. But how ?! Not much is possible due to the corona measures, but there are plenty of creatives who have come up with something for us. Use it to your advantage.

Romantic skating for two is perfectly fine, of course, if you form a household. And if the ice is still strong enough. But what if you are not together yet? Whether the other person does not yet know that you have butterflies in your stomach? And want to surprise him or her? It’s all a bit trickier these days. With the tips below you might be able to make it a fun (online) Valentine’s Day. A tip article part 1 was also published on Thursday.

Most Dutch people like Valentine’s Day

Research by Topbloemen shows that we like to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The flower delivery company found that nine out of ten Dutch people enjoy this day of love. It may sound a bit ‘we from WC duck’, but giving flowers is still very popular. At the same time, it is not surprising, because giving a flower or having it delivered is of course also very well possible in corona time. 86 percent of those surveyed also still enjoy receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day. The most popular flower is the rose.

A photo of flowers on Valentine's Day

Saved Valentine’s Day with a drink online has come up with something ‘to save Valentine’s Day’. Tonight at 8 p.m. a video platform will be launched where the first impression counts via video within a minute. This way you immediately get a complete visual image of someone without having to read up in advance. Not your type? Fortunately, it only takes a minute for the next potential match to appear. This innovative concept makes dating today easy, fast, reliable and above all possible. “The new blind dating,” says For those who try it out tonight, good luck in your search for love!

Listening to music together, more sex

Did you know that 53 percent of Dutch people talk to their loved ones more easily thanks to music and 22 percent are also more likely to say that they like that person? In fact, listening to music that you enjoy makes you feel more attracted to the other person. A recent study by Sonos Radio also shows that couples who listen to music together have sex more often (2.5 times a week) than couples who don’t (1.5 times a week). And also that music is used by 20 percent of the Dutch to make the first move in the bedroom. Ideal for Valentine, right? For those who are not together: listen together remotely (who knows, that will soon lead to something…). In any case, Sonos’ free radio streaming service has launched a Valentine’s Day feature. That’s Love Rules station. If you don’t like all the fuss around Valentine’s Day, then Love Stinks station probably suits you better.

A graphic of listening to music on Valentine's Day

Even more music on Valentine’s Day

Several radio stations are also responding to Valentine’s Day today. Sky Radio found that 41 percent of the Dutch need ‘more affection’. The station will answer that on Valentine’s Day. Your speakers will play non-stop love songs in the Valentine 101. Radio 538 takes a completely different approach. The temperature on this transmitter must rise ‘far above freezing point’. That happens with the spinning of the fifty dirtiest records, selected by the Radio 538 DJs. Numbers like Sexual Healing, How Many Licks, Turn Your Lights Down Low and Freak Me pass between 2 pm and 6 pm.

A photo of the Valentine 101 from Sky Radio

Tips for a virtual Valentine’s Day

Finally, social network Bumble also listed five tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether it is virtual or really together.

Be organized. As with any holiday or lockdown birthday, it can feel like a drag when you have nothing to look forward to and fill your time with. One tip is to make time for activities, so that you know mentally and physically where and when you need to be somewhere. This can be as small as arranging a time to have breakfast with your partner (albeit via video chat if you’re not together) or preparing a complicated three-course dinner. Likewise, if you plan on sending something to your date, make sure to do it on time.

Create new traditions. For those who got together during the pandemic, and for those who have been locked together for the better part of a year, now is the perfect time to introduce a new tradition. In addition to all of your other new hobbies that you’ve acquired over the past year, it can be as simple as making cards for each other or going all out and deciding to dress up for dinner. Make it something small and achievable, but something that will put a smile on your and your partner’s face.

Fresh nose works wonders

Go (safely) on the road. Research shows that one in three people would choose an active date and choose to go out. We know that taking a breath of fresh air does wonders for body and mind. A city walk is not only a great option if you do not live together, but is also a good conversation starter on a first date.

Make it a dinner. Almost half of us would normally eat out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead, plan to cook a special dinner together at home and set the table to replicate your favorite restaurant. If you can’t be together physically, buy the same ingredients or meal box and make dinner ‘together’ at the same time.

It’s all about atmosphere. Surprise your partner by setting the mood. Whether it’s candles, a special playlist or one throwbackcocktail, it’s important to create the mood for the Valentine’s Day that you would like, even if the circumstances prevent you from being together. Scents and sounds can positively influence your partner’s mood during difficult times.

This is how Valentine’s Day (online) becomes fun: digital roses, travel and dinners

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This is how Valentine’s Day (online) becomes fun, part 2: video dating and lots of music


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