This is how you can also use the ICE with the 9-euro ticket

The 9-euro ticket is actually only valid for local transport. But the train reveals when you can also use IC and ICE trains.

The 9-euro ticket is actually only valid on local trains – and even then not on all of them, as the train reports. But bargain hunters and 9-euro ticket drivers can outsmart this restriction with a bit of “luck”. There is definitely a way to travel on the IC and ICE with the 9-euro ticket.

9 euro ticket: All information

The train

shared this important exception via Twitter:
“Hi everyone, in the event of a train cancellation or delay in regional transport, you can also use an IC or ICE with the 9-euro ticket, but you have to buy a ticket for this, which will then be refunded to you via passenger rights. Have a good trip. /ar”. However, Bahn adds this restriction to its note, which makes this regulation even more opaque, which is almost typical for the railways: “This regulation also applies to other tickets in local transport, but not to heavily discounted tickets (e.g. country tickets). /s”.

Be sure to note

It is therefore very important that you do not simply board the ICE with your 9-euro ticket – then you are a dodger. Instead, you absolutely have to buy an expensive ticket for the ICE and then have it refunded afterwards. This is the only way you can enjoy using the ICE with the 9-euro ticket at no extra charge!

9 euro ticket: All information at a glance – including exceptions

Switching to an ICE can, in the most curious case, result in the passenger arriving even earlier with the ICE than would have been possible with a local train if it had run on time, even though the local train was actually late.

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