This is how you can earn money with an excellent driving style

To insure your car, you can choose from different coverages: WA (legal liability), WA+ (limited hull) and Allrisk (full hull). Together with the ANWB Car Insurance, we will explain the difference between these covers, so that you will soon know exactly which cover is suitable for you. Note: insuring your car is mandatory. You must be at least WA covered to be allowed on the road.

liability insurance

Third-party liability insurance is insurance where you get the least coverage compared to the other options. If you opt for third-party liability insurance, then only the damage that you cause to others is covered. You can see the third-party liability insurance as a kind of basic insurance, which ensures that everyone in the Netherlands is insured for damage caused by the fault of the liable motorist.

WA+ insurance

Do you think the coverage of the third-party liability insurance is too limited? Then you can choose to expand your car insurance with WA+ (limited comprehensive coverage) or All-risk (full comprehensive coverage) insurance. In addition to the legally required cover, third-party liability insurance also offers cover for damage as a result of theft, fire, broken glass, storm, hail and a collision with animals. Damage that you yourself cause to your car is hereby excluded.

All-risk insurance

Do you want to be sure that all possible damage to your car is covered? Then choose an All-risk insurance. This is recommended when you buy a new car, or a car that is relatively expensive. In addition to the above points, all-risk insurance also covers damage that you cause to your car. Think of damage caused by a collision, skidding, falling into water or a collision that you caused yourself.

Safe Driving insurance

Car insurance can be quite expensive. ANWB has come up with something for that: the Safe Driving Car Insurance. This allows you to save money with your excellent driving style. Do you drive safely and responsibly? Then you earn up to 30% discount on your premium!

How does it work?

After you have taken out the car insurance, you download the app and you will receive a beacon from the ANWB that you put in the car. In the app you can see the feedback, tips and also your driving score that can help you increase your discount. You can also opt for WA, WA+ or Allrisk with the Safe Driving Car Insurance.

Save money on your car insurance

Are you a safe rider? Then the Safe Driving Car Insurance can save you a lot of money. You are a safe driver if you follow the traffic rules and adapt your driving behavior to different conditions. Consider, for example, slippery road conditions.

Win win

With this insurance you are always assured of a low premium and carefree rides in the Netherlands. In addition, the anonymous data generated by the app is also used to make municipalities and cities in the Netherlands safer. Based on the data generated by the app, adjustments can be made to, for example, make dangerous traffic points safer. The Safe Driving Car Insurance is therefore not only good news for your wallet, but also for the safety of the Netherlands. Win win!

Curious about the ANWB Safe Driving Car Insurance? Visit the website for more information or to close it right away.

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