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This is how you can get through autumn and winter with the right mindset

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The corona pandemic poses challenges to people around the world: fewer social contacts, some cannot see their families, for example if they belong to risk groups. Everyday life is changing in companies too: no personal meetings, home office, possibly short-time work or even layoffs.

Then there is the psychological stress and fear of the virus. Christmas parties and markets are canceled, you cannot go to the cinema, theater or other events. All of these factors have an impact on the psyche and thus also on the motivation of employees.

Klaas Klasing is co-founder and managing director of TheNextWe. The company advises executives and employees on how they can achieve new results through a collective mindset change. In an interview with, Klasing explains how to motivate and inspire yourself with a positive mindset – despite the many difficulties we are currently having to adapt to.

Klaas Klasing

“We are currently receiving a lot of inquiries from companies, both at management and employee level. The pandemic scares many people. Dealing with unpredictability is incredibly difficult, it often feels like a loss of control, ”explains the founder. Society is currently collectively overwhelmed. “There is a constant loop of bad news, the liquidity cover is getting thinner, for many there is the threat of short-time work for the second time and the dark season begins.”

This question helps to evaluate things differently

However, it is very important to realize that thinking controls action, and action produces results in everyday life. “If an employee thinks: ‘Home office makes you lonely’, then exactly that happens. He only attends the necessary meetings, gradually withdraws and continually finds evidence of his loneliness. As a result, he is sitting at home in isolation. Our mindset is always fulfilled. “

Therefore, you have to be aware that in fact you often have no influence on the external circumstances, but you can control your own assessment of the situation. Klasing recommends asking yourself an essential question: “Is it really like that? Or could it be different? “

“We determine how we experience things,” says the expert. “It’s not about glossing over or denying things.” For example, you should find out: Yes, Christmas parties will be canceled this year. In the personal evaluation, however, you can take the step of choosing the best possible alternative and trying something new – for example drinking a virtual mulled wine with your colleagues.

In addition to this change to a positive mindset – which is important not only during the pandemic, but also in other life situations – Klasing recommends three other points that can get you through autumn and winter.

1. Be an investor in your own time

“Investors think carefully about what to invest in and what return they expect from it. Everyone decides for themselves how long they want to stay with, ”explains Klasing. “Instead of consuming at least an hour of negative news every day, you can set a limit of ten minutes, for example.” Think about how you divide your time. Instead of negative things, you should concentrate your investment on the nice aspects: video calls to friends or more time with family, for example.

2. Take care of others

Klasing: “That has two positive effects. On the one hand, you are sometimes distracted from yourself when you concentrate on someone else. And you feel better yourself afterwards, this has been scientifically proven. Make another compliment, offer your help – so you can forget your own stress for a moment. “

3. Charge your batteries yourself and regularly

“Usually our own batteries last long enough to guide us through the week,” says Klasing. “At the weekend we recharge it and we also have a couple of vacation days. But: This is currently not that easy. Vacation, meeting friends, going to a restaurant – many activities with which we normally regenerate our well-being are simply not possible at the moment. That is why it is all the more important to take active care of yourself. “Klasing recommends that you introduce a daily routine:” Do something at least once a day that recharges your battery. “


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