This is how you create your own avatar on Facebook

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Facebook Avatar

Avatars have been transferring Facebook for several days. The social network recently launched its own version of Bitmoji avatars. And you probably want to make your own version in the meantime. That’s how you do that …

Recently it has been done with standard faces to use to express your emotions on Facebook and Messenger. You can now make your own personalized cartoon figure. You can then use it in comments on Facebook or in a conversation on Messenger.

“So many of our interactions take place online these days. That is why it is more important than ever to be able to express yourself personally on Facebook. Avatars allow you to share a variety of emotions and expressions through a digital personality that is unique to you. We are therefore excited to make this new form of self-expression available to more people around the world, ”said Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook app.

Create your avatar on Facebook

My own Facebook avatar – Source: newsmonkey
  • Open the application from Facebook on your smartphone and click on the three dashes at the right. On Android they are at the top, on iPhone at the bottom.
  • Scroll down and click on “Show more“.
  • Click on ‘Avatars“Next to the purplish symbol.
  • Then click on “Next one“.
  • Then you will have the chance to be one of 27 skin tones to choose. Then click “Next” again.
  • Here you need a haircut, or hairstyle, select. You have a wide choice of short, medium or long hair. Then click on the drop to determine your hair color.
  • Then you choose the shape of your face, your eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, body shape, outfit in the same way …
  • When you’re done with that, click on it in the top right check mark to confirm your avatar. Don’t panic if you still have doubts about something, because you can always adjust everything later.
  • Then you wait until your avatar is charged and then click on “Next one“And then on”Ready“.
  • Now you can go to stickers via the smiley icon on Facebook or Messenger and use your avatar there on the apps.

Good luck with your avater!

Today, we’re celebrating the launch of avatars in the US!

So much of our interactions these days are taking place…


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