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This is how you eat sushi (if you really want to enjoy it) | Lifestyle

Nowadays you can go everywhere for sushi; (pre-corona) in restaurants, to order and even fresh in the supermarket! However, not everyone eats sushi as they should. A short lesson in sushi etiquette.

Hands or chopsticks?

It’s okay if you eat nigiri (rice with fish on it) with your hands. However, use chopsticks for the sashimi. With some rice dishes, guests often receive a porcelain spoon. Yet they sometimes use the chopsticks for this. The spoon is really more convenient!

At the same time, you are also supposed to bring a bowl of soup to your mouth if you don’t get a spoon.

Soy sauce

With nigiri you only dip the part with fish in the soy sauce. You also hold the nigiri upside down, with the rice on the top. After all, this rice has already been flavored with sugar, rice vinegar and salt.

Also, don’t put wasabi in your container with soy sauce. After all, not all types of sushi need both seasonings. In addition, the desired amount of wasabi varies per sushi type.

In addition, more complex maki types (stuffed / rolled sushi) have already been flavored in such a way that a bath with soy or a dollop of wasabi will only ruin the whole …


Ginger is intended to neutralize the taste in your mouth. You eat this sushi in between courses, not at the same time as the sushi!


You never drink Japanese rice wine as a shot, but you sip it. You also do not always drink sake warm. It is usually served hot to cover up the poor quality. If you have good quality sake, drink it at room temperature or even chilled.

Moreover, sake is usually not served with nigiri, because the rice wine and rice sushi do not complement each other. You can drink sake with sashimi. Green tea is a good combination with sushi anyway.

There is no other option than: Itadakimasu! (Enjoy your meal!)


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