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This is how you prepare your skin for spring!

1: Water, water, water

Our skin consists of 80% water. It is therefore important to maintain the water balance by drinking enough water every day. Although the water requirement varies per person, drinking about two liters of water per day is a good guideline.

2: Nourishing day cream

Certainly in winter, your skin has had to endure quite a bit due to the heating, the harsh winter weather and being indoors a lot. At the end of winter, our skin can use a boost. Where drier skin needs thick, often greasy creams due to the cold, you can switch to a lighter day cream in the spring. This type of cream allows your skin to breathe a little better.

3: Smear with sunscreen

In the middle of winter, spring or tropical summer weather, preferably always apply sunscreen after your day cream. It protects you from harmful substances and UV rays. Certainly if you go outside with a wintery white face, it could use some extra protection. In addition, the cream not only nourishes and protects your skin, it also appears to slow down the process of skin aging. And yes, we are signing for that en masse, aren’t we?

4: Exercise in the open air

The mercury rises, nature awakens and the sun shows itself more often. Time to leave the dry indoor air for what it is and get out and about more often. Because what turns out? Moving in the fresh air gives the oxygen content in our body and therefore our skin a boost.

5: Big spring cleaning

When you say spring, you say cleaning. Something you can also include in your grooming routine. It’s a good bet that you opened a lot of creams last year and then didn’t touch it for months. Take the sunscreen, for example. If you opened the tube last year, you can assume that the SPF has had its day. There is always a jar with a number on the back or bottom of care products. This number tells you how long you can keep the product after opening it. This is often 6 or 12 months.

6: There’s something fishy about that

Finally, avoid smearing with products that are full of chemical additives. If you look at the ingredients list, most of it is – still – full of perfume, unnatural aromas, allergens and parabens. Ingredients that do not benefit your skin, can cause pigmentation spots and can dry out your skin. So pay attention to what you put on your skin.

And now go outside, into the sun!


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