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This is how you put ‘whore’s farts’ and ‘chapped nuns’ on the table | Lifestyle

The recipes of these five dishes (and many others) are in Dr. Carolus’ excellent cookbook Battus‘. A culinary journey through time with authors Christianne Muusers and Marleen Willebrands.

Muusers and Willebrands translated the recipes from doctor’s original cookbook Battus and tested them too. At the same time they made the translation to our modern kitchen. Fortunately, the special names have remained intact! V

Whore’s bitches

These are a type of biscuits made from white bread, wine, eggs, ginger and sugar. “Mix this well and bake biscuits in a pan with butter. Grate sugar over it and serve ”, read the instructions in the cookbook.

Cleft nuns

These are sweet stuffed eggs that are briefly fried in the hot butter afterwards. You take the yolks from hard boiled eggs, put them in a mortar, along with baked apple, cinnamon and sugar. “Mash everything well and put this filling in the egg whites. Fry them in hot butter. Then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top and serve. ”


These are pastries made of fine dough filled with a mixture of finely chopped marrow, currants, cinnamon, sugar, possibly ginger and beaten egg yolks. It goes into the oven, then it is tasty!

Marrow porridge

You guessed it, this is a porridge based on marrow, but also fresh milk and Rhine wine (dry white wine from the Rhine region). Grated white bread (for binding) and sugar is added. Then it has to cook gently for a long time to get the right thickness.

Marrow Soaps

These are small slices of toasted white bread topped with a special liquid. The liquid is made of marrow and Rhine wine, which are first cooked together, after which sugar, currants, cinnamon, ginger and cloves are added. The whole was served with a roast.

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