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This is how you style an open cupboard or wall shelves


First things first, decide which items you want to display in your closet and try to sort them by color. Of course you can choose to only put items in the same color, but combining colors is just so much fun! Not so into the colors? Then choose some items with natural, light tones, such as gray, white and nude.

Mix and match

Combine different items and make sure you don’t put too much of the same in the closet. Put nice books, photos, frames, candles and maybe a plant in it! In addition to combining different items, it is also important that you use different shapes to give it a playful feel.

Space and storage

Do you have many small things that you also want to put in the cupboard, such as shells and beautiful souvenirs? Then choose to put them in a pot or basket, or put them on a nice tray! In addition, it is nice to cluster things and keep parts open, so you create unity and tranquility.


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