This is Megan’s new friend from ‘Temptation Island’

Megan from Temptation Island has finally given more clarity about her love life. After a photo of the two of them on New Year’s Eve, rumors surfaced that she was back together with former lover Joshua, but that turns out not to be the case. Her new boyfriend is called Silvio Senn and is an influencer and personal trainer.

Since its participation in Temptation Island about two and a half years ago Megan Desaever has come a long way. The shy girl who got to see how her then boyfriend Kevin called her “cookie round” over the campfire is long gone.

Joshua, Jochen, Maxence …

Already on the island, Megan blossomed and fell for Joshua’s charms. After the program, that early love did not last. After that, Megan appeared briefly with one of Joshua’s best friends, Jochen, and was even seen together again with Kevin.

Eventually she started something in 2019 with the 19 years older Maxence. Last summer, Megan – when she posed naked for Playboy – already announced that her relationship with Maxence was on pause. When she turned out to be celebrating New Year’s Eve with Joshua, rumors of a renewed love between them surfaced, but they were soon debunked.

Silvio Senn

On her Instagram Story, Megan has now finally given more clarity about her current relationship status. When someone asked her if she was with someone, she confirmed that. The lucky one turns out to be Silvio Senn.

A look at his social media shows that it is a Swiss influencer with no less than 179,000 followers on Instagram. According to his personal website, he lives in Bali, although he appears to have been in Dubai for a while now. Silvio Senn is also active as a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. His muscular appearance shows that he knows what he is talking about.


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