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This is the best way to preserve ginger (and it will last that long) | Culinary


Some people just keep ginger at room temperature, for example in the fruit bowl. Still, the best way to store ginger is in the refrigerator, preferably in a sealed freezer bag or paper bag.

This keeps ginger good for about 3 weeks. Note: we are talking about uncut, unpeeled pieces of fresh ginger. Cutting and peeling ginger in advance will not only shorten your ginger’s shelf life, it will also take away some of the freshness and therefore the flavor.


Do you have an excess of ginger? Then you can also freeze the ginger very easily (again preferably in a sealed freezer bag).

Do you then need a piece of ginger in a recipe? Then remove the frozen ginger from the freezer and grate whatever you need. Funnily enough, frozen ginger is no more difficult to peel than regular ones. You don’t have to defrost. You could also choose to grate the ginger in advance and freeze it that way.

Ginger in the freezer will keep for about 1 year.


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