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This is the ultimate lamb wine of 2021 | Culinary

Luxury lodges between the vines have now been built at the Fons Aaldering winery in Devon Valley. They are run by daughter Jacqueline and her husband Gert-Jan.

Reinhard Odendaal is responsible for the vineyard. Now the third ‘winemaker’ since it was founded.

After graduating from the wine university of Stellenbosch, Odendaal learned the trade mainly from Beyers Truter, the king of pinotage, South Africa’s national grape.

At Beyerskloof he worked for three years as an assistant winemaker. After some wanderings through the South African wine country, he settled on Aaldering Vineyards and Wines last year. There he can put his acquired pinotage knowledge into practice to his heart’s content and that is starting to bear fruit.


On a winter evening, almost ten years ago, we tasted Aalderings pinotage for the first time. Still from young vines, but with beautiful red fruit. The wine went surprisingly well with the stew that was on the table at the time. That’s how we got hold of the ‘kale wine of 2012’.

Now that the dikes are overrun by lambs, we are looking for a suitable wine with this juicy pink meat. Normally we almost automatically grab a Pauillac. Red Châteauneuf-du-Pape or Gigondas also works very well, as long as the wine has sufficient character, depth and spiciness.

Ha, in a dark corner of the cellar, however, the Aaldering Pinotage 2018 beckons. Come on, let’s take the gamble. Cassis, blackberries, a pinch of eucalyptus and a little pencil, it’s all there. Yes, the ideal companion for lamb.

Fons Aaldering can be proud of its new winemaker. The kale wine of 2012 has developed into the lamb wine of 2021!

Aaldering Pinotage 2018, € 21.20


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