This is what Amazon’s new e-delivery vehicles from Tesla rival Rivian look like

The vehicle’s external cameras offer drivers a 360-degree view.


Amazon is showing its first electric delivery vehicle – and plans to get 100,000 of these vans on the road within a decade.

The electric cars are made by Michigan-based Rivian, and Amazon is aiming to have them on the streets by 2021. As the company explains to, the e-vans can travel almost 250 kilometers (150 miles) on one charge.

The drivers can use Amazon’s integrated AI software Alexa to access route, traffic and weather information via voice control.

The vehicle is technically up to date

The vehicles also have external cameras that are connected to a display and give the driver a 360-degree view of the surroundings.

Amazon added that the vehicles have a large floor space inside the driver’s cab that they refer to as a “dance floor.” Here, drivers should have enough space to move around freely.

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