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This is what life in “Earthships” looks like: Off-grid, sustainable houses

Cook believes that the financial aspect also motivates many people to think about building Earthships.

He estimates that the construction of his 278-square-foot house cost around $ 70,000. The couple built the house themselves, so labor costs are not included. Now the only thing he has to pay is the monthly property tax. Cook has no electricity, water or gas costs. There are no mortgage payments and there is no need to worry if increased gas or water consumption increases costs. “The monthly cost is what troubles people,” he said. In addition to the concern for the planet, there is also a financial incentive.

“We are incredibly fortunate to be able to live here and have what we have,” said Cook. “But we also invested a lot of work.” Fleischhaker, a structural engineer, has also noticed a growing interest in sustainable designs among his friends and customers. “Some of my customers say they want to focus more on agriculture now, which is great,” he said. “I think that sparked growing interest, whether it’s off-grid or rural living.” In the meantime, his friends have come in to ask if they can visit him. “It’s hard to get bored here, but I think people are bored in the city looking for projects to do,” he said.


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