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This is why you want to jump in the cold shower even in winter

Take a cold shower as a wake-up call

Turning the shower faucet to the ‘blue’ position, probably not something you would say ‘yes’ to. Until you know what its health benefits are. And yes, there are plenty of them.

Please note: heart patients, be careful with a shower that is too cold and listen to your body.

1: Energy boost

While your body immediately thinks back to the warm bed during a hot shower, it is different with a cold shower. In a few seconds you are awake and ready for the day. No shower session of minutes, in half a minute the adrenaline flows through your body.

You also get more stimuli on the skin that send signals to the brain. Plus your body makes extra endorphins. Exactly, the happiness hormone!

2: Fat tasty

In the beginning, such a cold shower takes some getting used to. But what if we tell you that it also has a positive effect on your unhealthy body fat? The fact is that ice cold water stimulates your metabolism.

This means that you burn extra calories and fat. And in doing so, your body produces extra brown fat – essential fat. Research has even shown that this type of fat fights the unhealthy white fats.

3: Lower your stress level

Such a cold shower scares your body. Such a shock reaction is a stress factor. Nowadays stress always has something negative about it, but we cannot live without it. It is precisely by taking an ice-cold shower every day that your body learns to get used to that stress factor. And the better your body knows how to deal with it, the better you can handle it.

4: Cooling down

You certainly do cool down from such a cold shower. But did you know that it is also an absolute must after exercise? It not only ensures better recovery of your muscles, but can also prevent injuries and inflammation.

5: Good for the wallet, good for the environment

Such a (ice) cold shower does not invite you to stand under for 10, 20 or maybe even 30 minutes. Especially in the beginning you do not know how quickly you want to get out of that cold shower. With such a small switch in your lifestyle you save a lot of water and energy. Lower your heating costs, which saves you tens of euros.


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