This island is the first to welcome vaccinated travelers

The exotic Seychelles this month became the first country to welcome vaccinated travelers from around the world. Still, travelers, even those vaccinated, can postpone their visit to the deep blue waters and idyllic sandy beaches.

On January 14, the Seychelles announced that they are admitting vaccinated travelers from all over the world. Under the new measures, vaccinated tourists will not have to be quarantined and will not have to take a Covid-19 test upon arrival.

Corona infections are on the rise

Infection rates in Seychelles remained extremely low last year. Except for a small peak in June, the Indian Ocean land did not register corona cases on most days.

But since December 28, the contamination figures have been rising again. So far, the country has recorded 1,033 corona cases and three deaths from Covid-19.

That’s still a relatively low number for a country of nearly 100,000 inhabitants, but more than half of these infections – more than 500 cases – were recorded in the past two weeks. On January 22, 106 new cases were reported in the country – a record.

In contrast to previous infections, which mainly circulated among foreign sailors and visitors, the local population has now also been affected by the virus. Despite the new restrictions imposed by the government, cases in the 115 islands continue to increase.

Vaccination program

Yet the government has also announced that anyone who tests negative for Covid-19 will be allowed to come to the Seychelles from mid-March, vaccinated or not. The government expects that they will have vaccinated nearly 75 percent of the adult population by then.

The Seychelles this month began to vaccinate health workers, media personalities and politicians, including President Wavel Ramkalawan. The country wants to be the first in the world to achieve herd immunity through vaccinations.

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