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This keeps fruit the longest (and that’s the best way to store it)

In your smoothie, through your yogurt or something from your hand: fruit is delicious. But unfortunately: on warm days, fruit ripens faster than when it is cold. This also means you can’t keep it for as long. How do you ensure that you keep fruit for as long as possible? We figured it out for you.

Exactly how long you can store fruit depends on the type you choose. “There are ways to extend the shelf life of your fruit. It is best to keep one type of fruit in the fridge, while the other type of fruit has a longer life in a bowl outside the refrigerator,” says Lolkje de Vries, spokesperson for Het Voedingscentrum . She emphasizes that you fruit the best loose can eat instead of in a smoothie.

Fruit in the refrigerator

Apples can be kept for a week in the fruit shelf, but you can keep them in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 weeks. “Make sure that your refrigerator is set at the right temperature for optimal preservation of taste and shelf life. A temperature of 4 degrees is best. At this temperature, bacteria and fungi grow less quickly and your products at the same time suffer as little from the cold, “says De Vries.

Soft fruit such as raspberries and strawberries are also best kept in the refrigerator. For optimal shelf life, place the fruits on a piece of kitchen paper on a plate or in a bowl. The kitchen paper ensures that your fruit does not get moist, so you can keep it good for up to three days. It is also best to store kiwis, grapes and pre-cut fruit in the refrigerator.

Hole in a lemon

Lemon and other citrus fruits retain their flavor best and longest outside the refrigerator. It is good to put a “grab stock” of fruit in a fruit bowl on the table because you can pick up a piece of fruit faster, but you can better store the rest in a cooler place: between 10 and 15 degrees.

Do you need a little lemon juice for a dish, for example? Do not cut the whole fruit open, but pierce it and squeeze it. This way you can use it more often and it will last longer.

Outside the refrigerator

Bananas and other exotic fruits also benefit from a place outside the refrigerator. This group suffers from so-called “cold decay”. This means that they do not go well at a temperature below 7 degrees Celsius. As a result, cells break down and the fruit loses moisture faster, which has a negative effect on the taste. Ultimately, the fruit may even rot. The best option is to keep them in a cool pantry. One exception: when the fruit is cut, regardless of which type, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator.

Do you want to keep fruit for as long as possible? Then don’t put it near bananas. Bananas reject a substance called “ethylene”. This enhances the ripening process of the other fruits. Fortunately, you can also use this to your advantage: is your avocado still too hard, but do you really want to add it to your salad this morning? Then put it in a bag along with a bunch of bananas – et voilà: the next day your avocado is ripe!

Spotted rotten spot? Do not throw the fruit away immediately. A spot on a strawberry is of course not tasty, but as long as it is not too big, you can just cut it off and you can still eat it. “If the rest of the strawberry also looks a bit fair and feels soft, then it is better to throw it away,” advises De Vries.

Rotten spots

“Look, smell, taste,” is a saying in the case of fruit that the Nutrition Center likes to use. “If your fruit is really no longer good, you can taste it immediately. If you see a moldy or purrish blackberry in a box with other blackberries, take it out to prevent further molds from the other blackberries in the box”, says De Vries.

Do you suffer from fruit flies? This helps prevent them.

  • Fight them by cleaning up properly. Do not leave cut or peeled fruit in the kitchen or living room.
  • Change your trash bag regularly – especially if you notice that it contains fruit flies.
  • Use a fly cap to protect your fruit from fruit flies and other insects.
  • Always wash your fruit well before eating it.
  • Put a bottle of red wine with a glass of wine in the kitchen: within one day you have caught a large part of family Vlieg.

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