This process makes tire development more sustainable

More and more tire manufacturers are developing special tires for electric cars, not only for maximum efficiency and sustainability on the vehicle itself. During the tire development phase, manufacturers such as Bridgestone are increasingly using virtual tire technology that can be used to reduce the number of prototype tires produced.
Bridgestone tires

Thanks to digital tire modelling, Bridgestone can save 200 tire prototypes and thus around 60 percent of raw materials and CO2 emissions.

Thanks to digital tire modelling, around 200 tire prototypes can be saved in each project in the conception phase, and as a result around 60 percent of raw materials and CO2 emissions can be saved. At the same time, time to market is reduced by 50 percent, making tire development more sustainable, efficient, accurate and flexible.

Pioneering tire production

“With our approach, we are accelerating progress in the field of e-mobility and at the same time supporting the goals of our CSR strategy ‘Our Way to Serve’ in relation to responsible and sustainable production,” says Christian Mühlhäuser, Managing Director Bridgestone Central Europe, ” Because of the numerous advantages this technology offers us, it is being integrated into many of our development processes, making it a sustainable part of the production of bespoke Bridgestone tires for Cupra’s first all-electric vehicle, the Cupra Born.”

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