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This restaurant has the ultimate social distancing company for you Lifestyle

Michelin chef Patrick O’Connell’s was ready to re-open his three-star restaurant in Washington, Virginia on May 15. Unfortunately, corona restrictions came into effect just before the opening of Little Washington. The guests were only allowed to sit partly outside and the restaurant was only allowed to be filled for fifty percent with guests. Outdoor dining would not work for the opulent property next to the chef, but before his restaurant was half empty, O’Connell knew exactly what to do.

Instead of leaving the tables empty, the top chef wants to fill his dining rooms, because he now has them, with mannequins. Yes you read that correctly: life-size human dolls!

O’Connell has teamed up with Shirlington’s Signature Theater to give the fake people a beautiful outfit, all in the style of the 1940s. You would notice less that you dine in a semi-empty restaurant.

To give the real guests the impression that the mannequins are not fake people, the waitresses are given the task of also asking them questions and actually pouring wine with them.

Reminds a bit of that scene in Home Alone, when Kevin throws a party to fool the burglars, remember?


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