This site sells personal video messages to celebrities

You only have to click on the BN’er from whom you want a message on the site, after which you enter your name and desired message. After you have paid you will receive a video within 48 hours. The site is an initiative of three people from Amsterdam, who wanted to create something new during the corona crisis.

Among other actors, athletes, musicians and social influencers are among the offerings of the site. Every celebrity can determine how much they ask for a video message. A video by influencer Sophie Ousri will only cost you ten euros, while a message from darts player Raymond van Barneveld pays 75 euros.

At least 10,000 followers

Anyone can register as a celebrity for the website, but you will not be accepted just like that. You must have at least 10,000 followers on a social medium to be eligible.

One of the investors in ShoutOut is actor Ferri Somogyi. He has thereby become co-owner of the company. “This platform connects fans to their idol in an easy and fun way, and the other way around, it is great for me and my colleagues to give something back to our fans in such a personal way,” said Somogyi.

American services

In the US, there are already several similar celebrity video messaging web services, such as Cameo, Celeb and Greetzly. The idea behind the sites is also reminiscent of the American Fiverr, where you can get people to do something for five dollars. However, that site is not limited to celebrities. You can also ask for things other than a message, such as recording a voice-over or designing a logo.


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