This startup helps you lay off your employees

Terminating an employee is never easy and can be uncomfortable for everyone involved. Therefore, the Berlin startup Twinwin wants to take over this process.

The founding duo of the Berlin startup Twinwin: Eleni Arvaniti and Max Bauermeister.

The founding duo of the Berlin startup Twinwin: Eleni Arvaniti and Max Bauermeister.


An unusual business model: Twinwin helps companies get rid of their employees. The so-called separation manager, a specially developed software from the HR and legaltech start-up, takes on the task. The goal of the founding duo: employers and employees should separate by mutual agreement.

So if a termination is pending, the startup’s separation manager comes into play. Specifically, this means that the software explains the next steps in a termination to the user and answers questions – for example when it comes to the formulation of employee references or written warnings.

The software also tells the boss how to behave during the conversation and which sentences to avoid. This plays a particularly important role in the termination process – if you ignore this, “you risk greater damage on a personal level,” said co-founder Eleni Arvaniti to Gründerszene. She built Twinwin together with Max Bauermeister.

There are many things that simply go wrong in HR “

I have often seen companies avoid the taboo subject of separation. That leads to mistakes on both sides and sometimes to endless war-of-the-rose-like arguments, ”says Arvaniti. The reason for this: A legal department without social skills and an HR department that often lacks the necessary legal know-how. “There are a lot of things that simply go wrong in the HR department,” says Bauermeister, referring to everyday experiences in HR: “Anyone who has Googled a legal problem knows: Sometimes you can find three different opinions after an hour and a half is just a little smarter. ”The two do not find an ideal solution.

Now the founding duo and their Legaltech startup want to clear legal uncertainties out of the way by better linking the two departments. The two founders have enough experience in these areas. Bauermeister was a business psychologist involved in the development of the Insurtech Wefox and the HR software Kenjo. Co-founder Arvaniti worked as a lawyer for the consulting company PWC and most recently headed the human resources and legal department for the Berlin coworking space Factory. Arvaniti has seen many layoffs in the course of her professional life and expressed itself, accompanied by numerous recurring questions.

“We want to shake up the market”

That’s how they came up with the idea for Twinwin. After numerous lockdown walks, Bauermeister and Arvaniti founded the startup in Corona summer 2020. In the same year, the founding duo completed a seed financing round of 285,000 euros. Former Wefox CPO Florian Eismann, ex-Microsoft manager Charlie Songhurst, got on board. the early-phase VC Tiny, the founders of the legaltech startup Rightnow and Hometogo founder Patrick Andrä.

Twinwin charges a fee of 60 euros for each separation interview. Companies can also set up a flat rate subscription for 95 euros per month. According to its own information, the startup has around twenty customers, including the fintech Moss and Hometogo. The number of customers is expected to grow to a hundred by the end of the year, so farmer.

With its name Twinwin, the startup refers to the Winwin principle – both employers and employees should part on good terms, “you always see each other twice in life,” says Bauermeister. “In the past, an employee was with the same employer for years, that’s different today” – and draws attention to the high employee turnover nowadays.


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