This tiny home was created for trips on water and land

The Zeltini Z-Triton.

The Zeltini Z-Triton.

REUTERS / Janis Laizans

The Z-Triton from the Latvian design studio Zeltini may be the perfect adventure vehicle.

Aigars Lauzis is the designer of the tiny motorhome, which is a boat and a tricycle at the same time and with which you can travel over land and water.

The Z-Triton is not yet available for purchase. However, Zeltini plans to rent the vehicle from 2021 for “trips around the world”.

The studio’s mission is to create sustainable products and prototypes that are not only functional but also fun. This construction, which looks a bit like an invention from Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic” with Steve Zissou, corresponds exactly to this project. Some of her earlier work is as inventive as the Temple of Poop, a composting toilet that fertilizes her own roof garden.

Here you can see the Z-Triton.

This tiny home is created for “trips around the world”


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