This tool brings the sounds from the office to your home office

Working in the home office can be lonely in the long run.

Working in the home office can be lonely in the long run.

Since the outbreak of the novel corona virus, countless employees around the world have been sitting at their desks and working from their home office.

All those affected should have become aware of the fact that such a change in working life has both advantages and disadvantages after several weeks of working alone.

The social component is an often underestimated factor for satisfaction and productivity at the workplace. Regardless of whether it is the lunch break, a chat on the smoking island or the calming noise of busy colleagues: There has been a reason why video calls and -Meetings for maintaining social contacts have increased significantly.

In order to remedy the temporary loneliness when working, the production company Red Pipe Studios and the techno and electro pop musician Familjen from Sweden have launched a platform through which you can bring office noise directly to your home.

Various individual sounds can be mixed together on the directly accessible website, thus simulating an individual office routine. Depending on the shape of the day and mood, phone noises, the coffee machine or even the sounds of an office dog can be incorporated.

There is also a direct link to a playlist on Spotify, where already mixed office noises are available.

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