This USB stick protects you better than an aluminum hat

However, the technical marvel with the full-spectrum quantum nano-layer shielding technology is not cheap. You have to spend around 400 euros to be safe from the hair loss-promoting 5G radiation. One of the two inventors is the well-known pioneer of new energy physics, Prof. Prof. Prof. Dr. Ilija Lakicevic. Together with Jacques Bauer, a clinical pharmacist specializing in environmental health, he has now launched a USB stick on the market.

But it is not just any USB stick. This USB stick protects your house and your family against 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi radiation through an impenetrable shielding and harmonization. And if you are worried that your WLAN will not work properly at home when you use the Anti 5G Stick: don’t worry. “It won’t … it transforms. It harmonizes all harmful vacations into life-affirming rights, ”says the website of the two inventors. And who doesn’t like to have rights in the air?

Protection against 5G radiation: all nonsense?

Buyers of the 5G BioShield USB stick are enthusiastic about its effect. Edward, for example, writes on the website of the two inventors: “After only three days of BioShield in my house, my brain is foggy and my visibility is high, and I feel like I have 100% more energy.” And Tom is also convinced: “I have to say that my dreams have become very harmonious since I heard using the 5G BioShield. ”

No wonder, since the USB stick with its nano layer has “quantum holographic catalyst technology to compensate and harmonize the harmful effects of undrawn electrical radiation.” Incidentally, you do not have to insert the USB stick anywhere to be safe from 5G radiation . If you carry it in your pants or handbag, it will also protect you – but only within a radius of four meters.

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Farmer fishing with fear of radiation?

Still don’t think a simple USB stick can protect you from the big threat called 5G? Do you think that the 5G BioShield is a simple 128 MB USB stick that is glued together in Asia for a few cents and lasts from 12 noon to noon? Well, then you and your family must continue to live with harmful vacations and brain fog.

5G BioShield
5G BioShield

If the 5G protective shield is too expensive for you, there are also significantly cheaper alternatives on Amazon. The continuum transformator and the Akasha column are currently sold out. The CHI power plug, for example, is still available for around 120 euros – “Made in Germany”. And if you order today, you will receive a free EMF balancing cellphone sticker with a value of 19.95 euros. You can also shield your smartphone with this premium protective sticker. Then there are no more complaints about dead spots.

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