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In Caen-la-Mer and Cœur-de-Nacre, Derichebourg Environnement presents its 4 main avenues for sustainable mobility. At the head of the establishment, Thomas Derichebourg details them for our readers.

2 new markets

For some sixty years, Derichebourg Environnement has been collecting and recycling waste with a strong focus on environmental protection. We want to continue these activities in an ever more virtuous and cleaner way. », Says Thomas Derichebourg.

We have just won the markets for the communities of Cœur-de-Nacre and Caen-la-Mer for 9 years. For the latter alone, we will start our service on the 1ster April in 39 municipalities with 207,000 inhabitants. We want the agency that we will open on this occasion to become a showcase for our actions to protect the environment », He explains.

Turning to sustainable mobility is more pleasant for our employees, who thus experience better working conditions. For Caen-la-Mer, we will receive 27 household refuse dumpers with a CNG hybrid powertrain unheard of for France, as well as a natural gas utility for repairs », He rejoices.

BioGNV and light hybridization

A bioNGV refueling station, installed by Engie, will be opened in the town of Colombelles, just in front of the incinerator where BOMs (household refuse dumpsters) will drop off some 73,000 tonnes of waste each year.

Committed to virtuous recycling, we wanted to be able to supply our skips with a product obtained by our activity. What we are already doing with 100 of our vehicles in Quebec and 80 others in Paris », Comments the president of Derichebourg Environnement.

We have equipped our trucks with Active Stop-Start technology developed by the Canadian company Effenco. Compared to a conventional natural gas model, our GHG emissions are reduced by 30%, and consumption by 15 to 30%. Maintenance costs are also reduced because the heat engine runs 40 to 50% less time », He figures.

Suitable for BOMs

Effenco has adapted the famous system for heavy goods vehicles which stops the engine of stopped cars, for example, at a red light. This is a huge improvement for good living in the city. We are very keen on it and have had it installed on our 27 Renault chassis trucks and Faun tippers, between the body and the cabin », Specifies Thomas Derichebourg.

This device, easily adaptable to heavy goods vehicles directly from the factory, is an exceptional solution for vehicles which often stop », He warns.

The supercapacitors that form the storage unit are recharged during decelerations and braking phases. The energy stored in this way is used for electric lifting of the bins and compaction in the bin. There is less noise pollution during our passages, the heat engine of the truck being dormant during these operations », He illustrates.

Motor-starter and supercapacitors

Effenco’s Active Stop-Start technology is based on three main systems. First, an 18 kW starter motor mounted on the transmission. The housing is capable of returning the thermal block to idle speed in less than half a second.

A pump coupled to an electric motor powers the hydraulic system of the vehicle when the thermal block is stopped. The electrical storage unit has 3 48V supercapacitor modules from Maxwell Technologies’ catalog, suitable for temperature variations and repeated use. Guaranteed for 10 years, the complete kit weighs 290 kg.

We enjoy working with innovative startups. We were the first to trust this Effenco solution. Its cost is amortized over time. In Quebec, we have placed a massive order for this system for several million dollars. », Testifies Thomas Derichebourg.


For the 24,000 inhabitants of the Cœur-de-Nacre community of municipalities, we have chosen another solution. Oleo100 fuel will power our 12 trucks », Reveals our interlocutor.

On its site, Oleo100 credits its 100% biodegradable B100, composed of methyl esters of rapeseed grown in France, and usable in most diesel engines, with a reduction of 60% of carbon emissions and 80% of particles. The biggest investment is to install a specific tank and a pump.

We are going to install our first Oleo100 station for Cœur-de-Nacre. We will thus discover how the engines will work and react with this product. Biofuels, because they are much less polluting, represent a good solution for the sustainable mobility of heavy goods vehicles », Pleads Thomas Derichebourg.

BioGNV, B100 and electrical terminals

In Colombelles, the Derichebourg Environnement site will therefore receive a CNG station, another in the colors of Oleo100, as well as charging stations for electric vehicles.

We are going to equip our agency in charge of the 2 territories with 4 Renault Zoé. They will be used by supervisors who control operations in the field. With the new battery, it is possible to travel 300 kilometers on a full charge, even with the heater and radio on. I know because I myself use a Zoe », Assures the president.

Of course, you shouldn’t press the accelerator all the way. The autonomy of these models suits us because it is sufficient to carry out our monitoring cycles in the field. In all our contract proposals we now include electric cars », Concludes Thomas Derichebourg.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Thomas Derichebourg very much for his responsiveness, availability and loyalty as a reader of our media. Our thanks also to Fabienne Guérin for setting up the interview and sending the visuals.


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