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This way you can quickly remove moss from your garden furniture and patio


Getsie, sitting on mossy furniture is no fun. We are also not a fan of green deposits. With some hot water and a dash of all-purpose cleaner you can go a long way when you furniture made of plastic, steel or aluminum. You scrub with a soft sponge or cloth to avoid scratches.

Be careful with wooden garden furniture. Hardwood furniture can be hosed down with a pressure washer, but softwoods are better cleaned with soapy water with green soap and a few tablespoons of soda and a soft brush.

Rattan and bamboo brush your clean with cold water with a dash of salt in it.

Floor tiles

First of all: don’t clean your tiles with chlorinated water! This is extremely harmful to the environment and the plants in your garden. Rather, work with vinegar and water in a plant spray. As a result, moss, algae and weeds die. Test it first on a small piece, because vinegar can discolor tiles. The high-pressure cleaner can also make your tiles beautiful again very quickly, but be careful with porous stones.


Green deposits mainly grow on furniture and tiles that are out of the sun and where it is quite damp. To prevent problems such as moss and algae, you prefer to avoid this.


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