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This way you choose the right floor for your interior

1. The location of the floor

First of all, it is of course important to see in which room the new floor will be placed. A floor determines the atmosphere in the room and must therefore match the interior and style. In the kitchen you may want to create a different look than in the living room or bedroom. So keep this in mind when choosing your floor.

According to Denise, it is also important to look at the type of house and the size of the room. “For example, you can find a cast floor very beautiful, but this often does not fit well with an old house.” Do you have a small living room? Then, according to Denise, it is better not to choose a herringbone floor, as this quickly makes the room too busy.

2. The material

When choosing a material, you have to take several aspects into account: How much money do you want to spend on it, how sustainable do you want the floor to be and how contagious or maintenance-free the floor is.

Laminate flooring
Laminate is a commonly chosen floor, affordable and easy to maintain. The advantage of laminate is that you can easily move this floor, so perfect if you often change interiors. A disadvantage of laminate is that it is very noisy, so this is not the most ideal floor with noisy neighbors.

Parquet flooring is, according to Denise, a nice middle ground, this is laminate with a layer of wood (oak) on it. “This gives you the appearance of a wooden floor, but not the price.” The floor is fairly easy to install and can be moved along if necessary. This floor can also be sanded and painted a number of times.

Vinyl or Linoleum
Do you want to spend a little less money? Then choose a vinyl or linoleum floor. These floors are cheap, sound-absorbing and also durable!

You do have to take into account that linoleum is glued and that you can therefore no longer take it with you when you move. Also, vinyl cannot be repaired if the material is damaged. So be very careful with this floor.

You can also opt for a carpet, which is wonderfully warm on your feet and also sound-absorbing. There are many beautiful types of carpets that complete your interior. Please note that a carpet catches a lot of dust, stains quickly and is not very durable.

Self-leveling floor
A cast floor also looks great in your interior, but is often a bit more pricey. You cannot move this floor either, but the floor is durable, waterproof, strong and easy to maintain.

Wooden floor
A wooden floor is extremely durable and can be used in any room. However, a wooden floor is not water resistant and often a bit noisy. So keep this in mind if you go for this floor.

Whichever floor you choose, immediately think about insulating the floor. You can have insulation installed under the chosen floor. This immediately saves heating costs and is soundproof.

3. The color

The color of a floor is very important to create a certain atmosphere in the house. In a somewhat smaller space, light floors can optically provide more space. In a large room with a high ceiling, for example, warm floor colors such as a dark brown laminate floor can look beautiful again.

“Do you have busy walls with wallpaper or a lot of color? Then choose a somewhat quieter floor. A sleek light house requires a warm wooden floor, which is how you create more atmosphere, according to Denise.

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