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This way you create the ideal wardrobe for yourself

Every time you are standing in front of the closet dawdling what to wear now. There is so much hanging and yet you have the feeling that there is nothing to wear. Stylist Manon de Boer knows the solution, namely: pizza slices.

Grab a pen and paper and draw a large circle on it. That circle is your life. Now make pizza slices in this circle where you divide your time. For example, are you working most of your time? Then you can divide the circle into two halves. And are these only office days or do you also have meetings where you might want to look different? Then you can also divide this part into pizza slices.

Do you occasionally have a party where you want to look nice? Or are you mainly with friends? Then draw a quarter of a pizza slice and register here, for example: private. Continue like this and divide the pizza.

Determine outfit formulas

Once you have gained insight into how much time you spend on what, you will come up with outfit formulas. When you go to the office, what kind of clothes do you prefer to wear? Do you wear trousers, a skirt or do you always go in a suit? What do you prefer to wear to a party, is that a dress or skirt or rather a stylish blazer? Determine an outfit formula for each pizza slice (part of your life). You can also see such an outfit formula as an outfit that always works.

We are almost there!

You now know when you wear clothes, you also know what you prefer to wear. Now you just have to make sure that it hangs in your closet. Make sure you have about three to four sets in your closet per outfit. That way you always know what to pull off for that day.

Shop now!

When you look in your closet, which colors do you mainly see? Are those more warm brown and red tones or are you going more in the cool direction with blue and gray tones? When you go shopping again, buy clothes that you can combine with these colors. So that you can vary endlessly with your wardrobe.

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