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This way you will never choose the wrong program with your dryer again

It happens to everyone, a wrong program selected to dry your laundry. It results in clothes that are not dry or have been dried too hot and have shrunk as a result. This is how you avoid this in the future.

Wifi in your washing machine

The trend of the smart home is now being expanded even further, namely to the washing machine and dryer. This means that these two devices can communicate with each other via WiFi. Your washing machine can now provide information about your washing program to the dryer, so that they work perfectly together.

This is how it works

You set a program on your washing machine yourself and let it do your laundry. Then put the clean laundry in the dryer, which selects a program based on the washing program of the washing machine. Your washer and dryer work perfectly together, so you don’t have to think about it!

Are you curious about this Smart Pairing system from LG? Check the website for more info!

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