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This will be the bed trend of 2021

Buying a new bed is always difficult. Do you want a bed with a luxurious look? Then you quickly opt for a box spring. At least, in 2020. In the new year, we see another trend emerging when it comes to modern, luxurious beds: beds with a wooden frame.

Bed frame made of oak

One of the types of wood that has also gained in popularity in recent years is oak. In principle nothing new, but still guaranteed to be a good choice for the coming year. It is a trendy type of wood, which is also very strong and affordable. An oak bed will last for years and is a feast for the eyes in any interior.

Oak wood is popular for its color, but it also has a very nice “drawing”, which is not too busy, but also not too boring. The “drawing” refers to the lines of the tree that you see when you cut it. The color and drawing of oak wood are easy to combine with any interior style and you can also easily edit this type of wood. Timeless and stylish!

Are you interested in a bed frame with a more luxurious look? Then choose walnut. Pay attention: you also pay a little more for this beautiful type of wood than any other common type of wood. When it comes to walnut wood, it is usually walnut wood. This type of wood stands out because of its deep and at the same time warm color.

If your wallet allows it, immerse yourself in this emerging trend, which is increasingly being offered for various bed manufacturers. Not surprising: walnut has a deep dark color, which always looks exclusive thanks to its calm drawing. Do you see your bed as the showpiece of the room? Then walnut is a good choice.

The trend in wooden beds

The biggest trend in wooden beds is the emergence of combinations with other materials. More and more often you see, for example, a solid wooden bed frame, combined with steel legs and a leather headboard. Where a box spring is always made entirely of fabric, you increasingly see combinations and mixes with wooden beds.


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