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This will be the new job of Sinéad O’Connor

Sinéad O’Connor goes for a striking career switch. The Irish singer wants to take care. She said that on Irish television. From September she will follow a training to become a health care worker. If she succeeds, the singer will work in a hospice.

O’Connor has long had the wish to work as a guide in a hospice. She would like to work for people who have no family or who are alone for some other reason.

Rather started earlier

The Nothing Compares 2 U-The singer has started to think about what she wants with her life because of the corona crisis, she said. She also said she was sorry she had not started training before. That was actually the intention. “I could have started now to help people. I would very much like to do that. ”

It will be quite a challenge to get the diploma, the singer realizes. “I haven’t been to school very much,” she said. “I once had to take an exam, and I failed everything, except for the art subjects.” O’Connor then said she will do everything she can to succeed. “I will continue until I have my diploma.”

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This will be the new job of Sinéad O’Connor


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