This woman is the 21st saboteur in Wie is de Mol?

For weeks, fans are checking every suspicious step, dozens of hints are shared with other viewers and we dive en masse into a tunnel. Is Renée or Rocky de Mol of this season? Viewers who bet their points on Renée are lucky. Renée is allowed to join the select company of 21 Moles, which automatically makes Rocky the winner of the current one Who is the mole?-season.

Historically low pot

Renée was given the honorable yet difficult task of keeping as much money out of the pot as possible this season, thwarting assignments and putting her fellow candidates on the wrong track. Although the first assignment (keeping as much money as possible) was mainly spent on losing finalist Charlotte. On her own, she took away no less than 7,000 euros from the team, which means we can speak of a historically low pot.

Presenter Rik van de Westelaken announced earlier in the official podcast of the program that this final is very different from other finals. “A season is of course not complete without a final, so there will certainly be a final,” he said.

That final did not take place at the familiar VondelCS in Amsterdam. “We are somewhere in the country, without an audience. The audience is not welcome. We are of course bound by all measures because of corona, but we are going to have a live final and I think it will be super exciting.”

Charlotte Nijs was told in last week’s episode that she is not the winner of the current season. Since that episode, her phone has been ringing off the hook, she tells RTL Boulevard.


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