“This year will be better”: Van der Bellen wishes “Courage to dream”

“What future do we want to see?”

The main question for Van der Bellen is: “What future do we want to see?” Now is the time “in which we have to look further” – “without hesitation, also to think completely new, without fear of thinking too big,” said the Federal President. “We are capable of unheard-of achievements when it comes down to it. The last year has proven that.”

Some of the habits of the past are quite problematic, and you have to decide whether you really want to return to them, or whether you want to build the world new and better than the old one. “How about, for example, if we get into the habit of seeing a flourishing economy and a flourishing nature not as opposites, but as goals that are mutually dependent?” Suggested Van der Bellen. There are many new, climate-oriented and sustainable technologies that could become the engine of a new upswing.

“And what if we were to soften the blatant contrast between well-protected and on the run or between rich and poor?”, Van der Bellen also said.

The Federal President also emphasized that society would become stronger through mutual respect. “How about if we break the trend towards unforgiveness and aggression, withdraw the trend into our own virtual bubble and bitterly fight other opinions?” Van der Bellen also appealed to the population to appreciate “our beautiful Austria and liberal democracy”, but also the European Union more.


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