Thomas Boxer: Vacuum cleaners in the practice check

The interior of a car is subject to quite a lot of stress in everyday life: While loose dirt such as sand can usually be vacuumed up relatively easily with a normal vacuum cleaner, things look different with stains in seats or carpets. This can be remedied by a vacuum cleaner that, in contrast to a conventional vacuum cleaner, soaks, loosens and vacuums a stain in one work cycle.

Vacuum cleaner

  • very good workmanship
  • easy to use
  • very good result
  • Upholstery nozzle splashes something

But for such a device you can usually get loose 300 to 400 euros. At 229 euros (RRP), the Boxer vacuum cleaner from Thomas is an inexpensive alternative. But does the boxer win the fight against the dirt? AUTO BILD has tried it!

Thomas Boxer vacuum cleaner in the practice check

The first impression

The Thomas Boxer vacuum cleaner is delivered in a large package. Sure: the device comes with a lot of accessories, and the vacuum cleaner is not exactly small either. The assembled sucker has one Approximately 40 centimeters in diameter and a Height of about 50 centimeters. Stately, but: In addition to the properties of a normal vacuum cleaner, it also has to a detergent tank, a collecting container and a pump accommodate.

The boxer is delivered with plenty of accessories, the workmanship looks very high quality.

The assembly is relatively easy, but the operating instructions get confused in between. It is not exclusive to the boxer, but also deals with other Thomas models and therefore includes intermediate steps that do not necessarily also apply to the boxer. What immediately catches the eye: the high quality workmanship all components and that very long power cables. This can lead to cable clutter, but at the same time enables a very good range.

Dry vacuuming with the boxer

Even if the Boxer is a vacuum cleaner, it can be use like a traditional vacuum cleaner – Finally, it is advisable to vacuum the upholstery once before cleaning. A few small modifications have to be made for this: The head of the suction cup is removed, then a paper filter is placed on the suction nozzle and a lamellar filter is attached to the underside of the removed head. The flexible hose is connected with a bayonet lock – and the Boxer can be used as a vacuum cleaner.

The boxer’s accessories are very useful: the ventilation nozzles can be easily vacuumed with the suction brush.

The Boxer is not exactly one of the quietest devices on the market. On the contrary – it is actually quite loud. On the other hand, the suction power is subjectively very good. The dry vacuuming accessories are useful and work perfectly. We really liked the suction brush, with which the dashboard, ventilation nozzles or seat creases can be gently vacuumed. The crevice nozzle supplied was less good, as it is a bit too long for work in the interior and can easily get jammed. A shorter crevice nozzle is optionally available from Thomas for 3.99 euros.

Most of the animal hair has disappeared from the carpet after the first suction pass. Small disadvantage: the animal hair nozzle is a bit big.

The animal hair nozzle in the test

Dog owners know the problem: pet hair often gets caught in the textile fibers of the carpet and the trunk lining and stubbornly sticks there. You won’t get very far with a normal vacuum cleaner. This also applies to the hair of two Bernese Mountain Dogs that often ride in the trunk of our test C-Class. For these cases, the Thomas company has included a special animal hair nozzle with the boxer. It is quite large and probably intended for use in the house rather than in the car, but we tried it in the trunk anyway. With a surprising result: the pet hair nozzle removes hair with ease. Almost all dog hair has disappeared after the first suction pass. The only downside – as expected – is the size. A smaller nozzle would be much more manageable in the car.

Upholstery and carpet cleaning with the Thomas Boxer

In order to be able to use the Boxer as a vacuum cleaner, both the paper and the lamellar filter must be removed and the filled detergent tank used instead. The suction hose is threaded into the tank when the head is put on. Then only the water hose needs to be connected. The conversion is very easy, the Boxer is ready for use as a vacuum cleaner after just five minutes.

In order to use the Boxer as a vacuum cleaner, the two filters must be removed. Then the detergent tank is inserted and the suction hose threaded in.

Another weakness quickly becomes apparent when using it: With the upholstery nozzle, the cleaning agent not only sprays directly onto the upholstery, but also past the nozzle. It can land on the center console, the door panels or even on the windows. This is not a problem, but it does involve a further step (drying off the splashes). Overall, the upholstery nozzle and detergent work quite effectively, so the splashes are manageable. The vacuum cleaner removes even more stubborn stains on our test car. After a vacuum wash cycle, Thomas recommends vacuuming the upholstery again without activating the water nozzle. This will suck moisture out of the seat. The seats of our test Mercedes were dry again after about 40 minutes.

The upholstery nozzle not only sprays the cleaning agent directly onto the upholstery, it also misses a lot. But the result is convincing.

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner after use is a bit cumbersome: the dirty water is collected in the collecting container, which forms the lower part of the device. In order to pour out the water, the unwieldy head has to be removed. Only then can the water be tipped out and the dirt that has settled on the floor can be wiped out. The vacuum cleaner is then used again with clear water so that the device is rinsed through. A relatively complex processthat takes almost longer than cleaning upholstery in the car.

Conclusion to the Thomas Boxer vacuum cleaner

The Thomas Boxer is not without its flaws. The fact that the cleaning agent splashes quite heavily past the nozzle when cleaning the upholstery is a small damper and means a little extra work when cleaning the inside. Cleaning the device itself also takes a relatively long time. But you quickly forget that when you look at the result: Thanks to the vacuum cleaner function, upholstery and carpets shine in their old shine in no time at all. In addition, we were impressed by the very good pet hair nozzle – a real tip for dog owners. Ultimately, it can be said that the Thomas Boxer is a high-quality and effective vacuum cleaner with which interior cleaning is a success.

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