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‘Those / Them / Watch’

Artist and presenter Ryanne van Dorst disengages from the ‘female straitjacket’ on Liberation Day. Van Dorst writes that in an Instagram post. The TV maker also chooses a new name: Raven.

Van Dorst, also known as rock artist Elle Bandita, chooses a new name that matches the identity. For example, Raven writes: “I want to enter the next part of my life without that compulsion to pigeonhole. And that starts with a new name. A name that gives me the freedom to float between left, right, above and below. It matches the ‘X’ I want to get in my passport. A name that moves with me and matches the mirror. A name that I choose myself. ”

Raven breaks out of the female straitjacket

Raven was born intersex, with both male and female genitals. “A doctor like that in 1984 could mutilate my ambiguous baby body (so ‘normalizing’ was also called) to that of a girl, but he should have just kept his hands off me. With this I want to un-normalize myself ”, Raven writes in the post.

Then: “It is time to step out of that female straitjacket for good. I want to be the person I should have been when I was born, before I was tinkered with. There is nothing wrong with that at all. ”

‘I look and see Raven’

Raven’s post gets a lot of responses, also from celebrities. Fred van Leer, Marlijn van Weerdenburg, Bram Krikke and Patricia Paay, among others, respond with love to the post. Chantal Janzen responds: “Have a look? Okay, I look and see Raven. ”. This is a reaction to Raven’s last sentence in which they indicate that they want to be addressed with them or that: “(That / Them / Watch)”.

Fans are also responding positively to the message. Someone responds: “And that on Liberation Day! Free to be who you are and to speak up. Hi Raven. ” Another: “Absolutely dear Raven, you are and will remain a TOP person.”

Raven van Dorst: Die / Hen / Watch

For those who are wondering what this exactly means, the artist is very clear. Van Dorst says: “It might be difficult, but I would love it if you try to stop addressing me in feminine form. Well, it’s not about language. It’s about socially imposed gender roles and beauty ideals, which hinder personal growth and equality. “

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TV maker Van Dorst changes name: ‘Die / Hen / Kijk maar’


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